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"The Voices of the Chesapeake Bay Interview Project is created to help  us further develop our 'sense of place.'  The Voices Project is ongoing, inherently 'inclusive' and well-rounded, giving us the ability to see our bio-region, the Chesapeake Bay watershed, from a variety of perspectives 
and points of view. With this ability we can fully and truly appreciate this incredible place called the Chesapeake Bay." 

Michael Buckley, Project Director

(Read the full interview)


Program Background

The Sunday Brunch

Every Sunday 7am-10am 
Artist Interviews - Commentary - CD & Book Reviews

Produced and Hosted By
Michael Buckley

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 March 2009 Newsletter Article
Photo: Tom Zolper

"Best Sunday Morning Music" Baltimore City Paper
"Best Radio DJ" Baltimore City Paper  
"Best Morning Drive Music" Baltimore Magazine
"(2nd) Best DJ Balt-Washington" Music Monthly
Maryland Arts Council Award

Recent Set Lists

Sunday Brunch  3-27-11




2:46      5   Song C ⲵce Hornsby 㰩rit Trail 鸼/p>

1:57      6   Stevenson 祯rge Winston 絬f Coast Blues & Impressions ฼/p>

3:38      1    1 Gymnopedie (Eric Satie 1866-1925) 䡮iel Varsano - Piano Works-79

2:09      3    Moon 㡭 Baker 㯴ton ๼/p>

1:40ex  13d1       Oh Freedomﹳ Choir of Harlem⥥dom: SongsfromtheHeartofAmerica ౼/p>


Voices #1         Osprey ꥮifer Curtis 㰲ey Adventureॴer McGowan US Fish & Wildlife


5:19      1     Ddungu 멮obe 㯬o ᱼ/p>

2:39      11    Guaranteed 夤ie Vedder 쩾Into the Wild sndtrk ෼/p>

4:18      3     Mrs Crowe¬ue Waltz ᤲian Legg 䩴 trk 鳼/p>

4:10      1     Faithfully �t the Electrician ᮩmal Boy ᱼ/p>

4:07fd  excrpt     SuiteSioux⥤dieHubbard夃lay簯10-HHancock,R Carter,LWhite,JHenderson




4:23      4     Truth Decay ⯤ney Crowell 㥸 & Gasoline ෠w/P Everly

3:58      6     From the Ashes ⯳anne Cash 䨥 Wheel 鳠w/B Cockburn

4:00      10    Sail Away (R Newman) 崴a James 㥬f titled 糼br> 4:08      6      Infinite Arms ⡮d of Horses 䩴le track ᰼/p>


Voices #2         Osprey


4:03      2     Shopping Bag People 㬩max Blues Band 㥮se of Direction 紼br> 3:57      3     Rococo 쳴1:place> Arcade Fire 䨥 Suburbs ᰼/p>

3:16      2     Cosmic Pulse 嬥phant Reunion ⲥak in the Clouds ᱼ/p>

3:58      2     Shoefly Pie 篯d Brothers 㭯ke Ring halo ᱼ/p>

3:53      5     Carolina Rail ᭹ Correia 鯵 Go Your Way ᰼/p>




Artist Interview:            The Beat Generation And All That Jazz! Mix 2011
-Jack Kerouac ﳰan> San Francisco Scene栄avid Amram (piano&French horn) s report Howard K Smith ァsic Hip穴h Del Close & John Brent ⡢s Gonzales ᮨattan Fable栔om Waits 顭onds On My Windshield栁llan Ginsberg 襠Echoing Green쯳pan> 

Voices #3               Carla  Maryland Teachers Association


2:39      2        Itίt Easy ꯥ Robinson 䩭e Jumpin�1
2:31      5        Your Mother Should Know 䨥 Beatles �ical Mystery Tour - 67

5:24      7         Bob Schneider ᠐erfect Day ᱼ/p>

4:28      15       What Is Hip? 쳴1:place> Tower of Power 䰼sup>thAnniversary@TheFillmoreAuditorium SF ᱼ/p>

3:34      16       A Voice in the Dark 嬶is Costello ional Ransom ᰼br> 2:17      3         Flying 䨥 Beatles �ical Mystery Tour - 67



Sunday Brunch   02-28-10


5:15     2          No Woman, No Cry 㨡rlie Hunter Quartet ty Dread 鷼/p>

2:00     7          Big Mo Habenero ॴer Lang 䨡rma Blues ౼/p>

3:47     2          Exiles Return 롲en Casey/John Doyle 䩴le track ᰼/p>

4:45     3          High Tide or Low Tide ⯢ Marley & the Wailers 㡴ch a Fire 粼/p>

1:15out1           Jesu Meine Freude 쯳 Angeles Flute Quartet ᢯ve and Beyond 갵

Voices #1         Laurence Hartge, Hartge Yacht Yard (rip)

3:32     9>1      Sara> Snee - Amiina 뵲r ෼/p>

3:55     4          Sediment 㥺nec Brothers 㥬f titled ﰾ

3:00     8          Lord Wonٯu Help Me 㡲a Watkins 㥬f titled ๼/p>

3:14     1          Something in the Way She Moves ꡭes Taylor & the Flying Machine


2:58     9          The Old Days Are Gone 硲y Jules & the Group Rules ⩲d. 갸

4:29     3          Fast ಯject Trio 㥬f tit ᰼/p>

2:56     2          Looking for Jack 㯬in Hay 篩ng Somewhere ఼/p>

4:15     2          Everything Is So Stupid᤹smith Black Mambazo崒s Develop in Peace-96

Voices #2

3:03     10        Po﹠⯢ Dylan 쯶e and Theft ౼/p>

3:26     3          A Lot to Drink About ꩭmy Buffett ⵦfet Hotel ๼/p>

3:13     12        Good Fortune 䯤d Snider 䨥 Excitement Plan ᰼/p>

4:09     10        Hungaria ꯨn Jorgenson Quintet ﮥ Stolen Night ᰼/p>

4:58     7          The Blue ꡳon Isbell & the 400 Unit 㥬f tit - 09


3:00     10d1    The Sunǯnna Shine�ig Bill Broonzy 㵼/p>

3:34     19d2    Whistlin⬵es塤e 帔 Lewis᮹ Faces of Boogie Woogie-5/7/36

2:29     16        Wind Blow Her Back My Way 㹬 Johnson 糼/p>

3:47     4          You場he Kind of Trouble 诬mes Brothers 楥d My Soul ᰼/p>

3:49     1          Stone Love 䨥 Truth According to Ruthie Foster ๼/p>

Voices #3

3:57     1          Believe What You堓aying 㵧ar 橬e Under East Listening 깴

5:09     7          Barely Exist 㨵ck Prophet 쥴 Freedom Ring ๼/p>

5:15     3          Amazing Grace ⬩nd Boys ⯮naroo - 02

2:39     3          Break the Concrete 䨥 Pretenders 䩴 trk - 08

3:47     12        Rockslide 䩮sley Ellis 㰥ak No Evil - 09



Sunday Brunch  02-14-10


1:38     1          Bern the Bear 졷rence Blatt 橢onacciIJeam ๼/p>

4;28     1          Waltz for Ruth 㨠Haden/P Metheny ⥹ond the Missouri Sky 鷼/p>

4:01     9          Whispering Pines 䡲 Williams 䨥 Beauty of the Rain ೼/p>

3:03     1          Whispering ⵣky Pizzarelli/Frank Vignola �nglow ർ/p>

Voices Interview #1         Jim Clark, Annapolis poet

4:21     10        In My Time 㨲is and Thomas 졮d of Sea ๼/p>

3:27     8          Bag of Bones 絹 Clark 䨥 Dark ಼/p>

3:43     8          Went to Hermes ﴩs Taylor ⥬ow the Fold ඼/p>

3:47     11        Lifeline (Barefoot Vers.) 㩴izen Cope 䨥 Rainwater LP ᰼/p>

4:20     3          High and Dry 㨡rlie Hunter 祮tlemen, I Neglect To Inform U 거


2:57     2          Blind Tom 粡nt Lee Phillips 쩴tle Moon ๼/p>

3:03     11        Conversation Piece 䡶id Bowie 䯹 (unreleased album 00) 궹/70

(Sngl B-side ⥴tiest Star㰡ce Oddity period ꈥathen bonus track)

3:04     5          Scary Fragile ⵴terfly Boucher 䩴 trk ๼/p>

3:42     8          Tell My Sister 롴e & Anna McGarrigle 㥬f tit 絠R.I.P Kate ༯p>

Voices #2         Annapolis poet Jim Clark

2:33     7          Country Road ࡵla Fuga/Jack Johnson ᥠfor the Planet ᰼/p>

3:15     10        Never On Sunday ꡭes Hill ᠆lying Leap ඼/p>

3:29     4          Marie Marie 䡶e Alvin & the Guilty Women 㥬f tit ๼/p>

3:25     1          Rising Up �e Doughty 㡤 Man Happy Man ๼/p>

2:53     11        Whack Bat Majorette ᬥxandre Desplat 桮tastic Mr Fox ๼/p>


Artist Interview:  Andrei Codrescu, Pete Fountain 䠊ames Infirmary,䨥 Meters Ფi Gras Mambo/Dey All Axed for You,⥢irth Brass Band 崒s Get It On,楳s Ფi Gras in New Orleans,次ming Arrows MG Indians 頇ang Don튂ack Down.ﰾ

Voices #3         Annapolis poet Jim Clark

Mardi Gras Mix 2: Drew Brees Chant, Black & Gold Theme Song, Marcia Ball 駠Shot,㨩rley & Lee 崠the Good Times Roll,沯gman Henry 鮒t Got No Home,䩸ie Cups 믠Iko,ꃨris Kenner ̩ke It Like That,㴥ve Riley Mamou Playboys 桮geline Special,⥡u Jocque Zydeco High Rollers 餥co Boogie,⩧ Sam튆unky Nation 堇on Do It,ꡣhery Richard ﯠMany Women,䲍 John/EC 魥 for a Change,ꯨnny Adams ﷮ By the River,塲nie K-Doe 詬dren of the World,⯮erama שּׁy.ﰾ

Sunday Brunch  11-15-09


2:48     3          Rise Up My Love ᬠPetteway 㡬edon Wood ﰾ

3:40     5          Darkness before the Dawn 䡮 Zanes 㯯l Down Time 鵼/p>

4:00     18        Symphony Number Five (Beethoven) 䨥 Kennedys ⨡psody in UKE - 07

4:38     3          Through the Eyes of a Child ⩬l Payne 㩥lo Norte ർ/p>

Voices #1         Allan Lopez on Decoys 塳ton Outdoor Show

3:53     3          Light as a Feather ah Jones 䨥 Fall - 09
3:49     7          Nocturne en do diese mineur (Chopin) ᮧele Dubeau 橲tuose 갹

1:57     3          Hymn of Ordinary Motion 䯵g/Baren/Meyer 㫩p Hop & Wobble 鳼/p>

3:43     1          Smoke on the Water 굤ith Owen 쯳t and Found ർ/p>

4:02     2          Everything In Itҩght Place 㯮os ๼/p>


4:05     10        Bayless Street ⩣kie Lee Jones w Ben Harper ⡬m in Gilead 갹

5:12     11        There Is A Balm In Gilead 㨡rles Lloyd 䨥 Water Is Wide ఼/p>

3:06     1          Family Affair 㬹 & the Family Stone 䨥reࡠRiot Goin On 籼/p>

4:01     12        Nobodieơult But Mine ᙠHart/Car Choc Drops粥at Debaters㮴k缯p>

Voices #2

4:16     2          Killing the Blues ᬩson Krauss/Rbt Plant ⡩sing Sand - 07

3:45     11        Weary Heart 穮terpills 㥮tral Chambers ๼/p>

3:49     1          Futures ꥲo Seven w Jose Gonzales 䨥 Garden ඼/p>

3:09     3          Lady Jane 㴯nes ᦴermath 涼/p>

5:39     11        Love Is the End 륡ne ॲfect Symmetry ๼/p>


2:50     2          Love You in the Fall ࡵl Westerberg ㏰en Season㮤trk 갶

1:45     8          My Flying Saucer (4 Baloon Boy) 穬co & B Bragg 毲 the Kids ಠWG

2:51     3          Just a Kid 穬co 䨥 Spongebob Squarepants Movie sndtrk - 04

3:48     8          Cruella D Vil 쯳 Lobos 쌠Goes Disney ๼/p>

Voices #3        

Artist Interview (9:30)               Kinobe & SoulAfrica from Uganda (live in studio)


Sunday Brunch  8-30-09


2:55        5              Looking for the Heart of Sat Night 䯭 Waits 㭡ll Change? ﳰan>

6:13        3              Shenandoah ⩬l Frisell/Ry Cooder 篯d Man Good Dog ﳰan>

4:42        6              All That You Have is Your Soul (TC) 孭ylou Harris p;

2:16        15           Tell Me Your Secrets ॴer Calandra ꥬlysmoke sndtrk ฼/span>

Voices #1

3:32        1              Land of Sea 㨲is and Thomas 䩴le track ෼/span>

4:31        3              Sarah ⡹ Lamontagne 篳sip in the Grain ฼/span>

4:30        1              Hill of Thieves 㡲a Dillon 䩴le track ๼/span>

2:56        3              Pretty Polly 䯣k Boggs 詳 Folkways Years 63-69

3:53        7              Notes 嬬iott Brood �ntain Meadows ๼/span>


1:42        1              Strawberry Fields Forever ꯨn Lennon/The Beatles ᮴hology 2 ﳰan>

4:48        13>14    Falling From Sleeves/Red Blooms 㡬exico 㡲ried to Dust ฼/span>

2:23        2              Eleanor Rigby �garet Leng Tan 䨥 Art of the Toy Piano 鷼/span>

3:38        6              BigBlackCar 粥goryAlanIsakov ⩧ Old Empty Northern Hemisphere鼯span>

4:07        1              While My Guitar Gently Weeps ꡫe Shimabukuru 祮tly Weeps ฼/span>

Voices #2

2:41        6              Jesus Christ 篯dy Guthrie �Dusty Road box 䰼/span>

2:63        1              Magura ⥹ond the Pale ௳tcards ๼/span>

3:18        1              Common Ground ᮤy McKee 䩴le track ๼/span>

0:00        16           Ice Age 说 Tuna 쩶e at Sweetwater ഼/span>


3:05        4>           Gun for a Tongue ⵴terfly Boucher 㣡ry Fragile ๼/span>

3:00        5              Scary Fragile

2:25        1              IࡠSlug ⡲ry Louis Polisar ᠌ittle Different 鹼/span>

3:25        5              Golden Brown 䨥 Stranglers ᷡy We Go sndtrk ๼/span>

3:58        2              Paradise Cove ॴe Yorn ⡣k & Forth ๼/span>

Voices #3

6:49        2              Running On Faith 僠ⴠNights 鰯91

3:18        5              Comin语e 䥬aney & Bonnie w EC 㩮gle 69

4:12        6              Sawdust Man ⥮ Kweller 㨡nging Horses ฼/span>

6:33        6              Anyday 䥲ek & the Dominoes 졹la & Other Love Songs 귰

2:48        1              Say Please �sters of Folk 㮧l 09

Sunday Brunch  8-23-09


4:43         9              Praise ᡲon Parks 鮶isible Cinema ๼/span>

1:27         10            Seven Up Cake �k Isham 䨥 Secret Life of Bees sndtrk ﳰan>

4:27         10            Look Away ॴra Haden/Charlie Haden ⡭blin⯹ - 08

8:34         2              Stillness 䥲ek Jones 㵮 Down Moon Up ฼/span>

Voices #1               Poet Waterman Fred Pomeroy

6:47         9              Live On My Mind ⲵce Cockburn 䨥 Charity of Night 鶼/span>

6:38         3              Sky Blue ॴer Gabriel 尠඼/span>

3:42         1              DonԨey Know You堇one 롴e St. John 㥣ond Sight 鷼/span>

6:02         4              Memories of Summer as a Child ⥹man Bros 䩴 trk ๼/span>

4:11         8              Every Path ᬥla Diane (Menig) 䯠Be Still ๼/span>


3:53         11            SatMorning on SundayStreet쯵ris.M Olson ⥡dyfortheFlood -09

5:08         6              Big Log 橫tor Krauss w/BFrissell/A KrauseᲆromEnough 伯span>

3:03         8              A Raymond Chandler Evening ᱵa Velvets 㵲fmania 鵼/span>

4:13         7d1          Born In Time alt tk ⯢ Dylan 䥬l Tale Signs 宲el Oh Mercy p;

Voices #2               Poet Waterman Fred Pomeroy Pt 2

4:31         2              Top of the Bottom ꯨn Wesley Harding 쩶e Sessions ๼/span>

5:05         14            Youkali (K Weill)쥸andria Kleztet ॡce Love and Coffee ๼/span>

4:41         6              Across the Borderline 穬lie for Jim Dickinson (RIP) 䩴 trk 깳

2:47         8              One Way Ticket Ქtha Franklin 㰩rit in the Dark 簼/span>

4:41         2              You凯t toLose(IkeT)樓ouisWalker/BTs쵥softheMonthClub 깵


4:00         8              NoChoice in theMatterᳯn Isbel & the400Unit 㥬f titled 갹

4:03         2              SweetheartsoftheBlues郞nyMonet&theImpresionistsp;        OverlookingParadise-94

5:40         13            You & Me 䍂 ⩧ Whiskey and the Gru Grux King ๼/span>

5:56         4              Whiter Shade of Pale ೹chograss 㥬f titled 鸼/span>

Voices #3               Edwin Remsbergơrms Interviews ⥲ries & Watermelons

4:20         1              East of WoodstockWest of VietNamﭒussell쯯d and Candle Smoke-09

5:13         11            Two Worlds ꩭ Weiderвoject Percolator ൬se ๼/span>

3:09         4              Gun for a Tongue ⵴terfly Boucher 㣡ry Fragile - 09

3:06         9              IϮly Sleeping 䨥 Vines 쩾I Am Sam sndtrk ﳰan>

2:41         11            Thinuette 䩮 Hat Trio �ory is an Elephant - 99



Sunday Brunch  8-2-09


1:06      2          Didg ᤡm Rudolph �ing Pictures - 92

4:05      1          TRIENNALE ⲩan Eno 䨥 Shutov Assembly 踼/b>

 3:50     3          Prayer(Gurdjeff)쥣hner/VTsabropoulos衮tsHymns&Dances- 04

3:30fd  3          Flume ⯮ Iver 㴵dio catch ๼/b>

2:57      4          Luminescence ꥡn Claude Champius 䲡nsparencies Vol 1 쳰an style="mso-spacerun:yes"> 98

3:00fd   2          Layers of Time ⥩nhard Flatischler 䩴le trk ฼/b>

1:28      21        Bells 벯nos Quartet 塲ly Music 鷼/b>


Voices #1         LEAF House - Solar Decathalon


4:19      3          Colors of the Sun ꡣkson Browne 毲 Everyman 糼/b>

3:35      11        Five Stars 륶in So ⥳t Foot Forward ๼/b>

5:16      3          Inni mer syngur vitleysingur駵r Ros夠sud...endalaust-08

4:55      8          DonŸplain 蠈ancock w/D Rice & L Hannigan ௳sibilities - 05

4:04      2          Itll In My Head 롴ie Melua ੣tures ๼/b>




4:44      5          Seven Daffodils ꯮athan Edwards ⯬linᬯng ๼/b>

3:57      1          Digging for Your Dream 鮤igo Girls ௳eidon & the Bitter Bug ๼/b>

3:37      6          Walkin栍y Morning Jacket 嶩l Urges ฼/b>

2:38      6          Choo Choo Train 䨥 Box Tops 渼/b>

2:20      5          Tin Roof 㴥ve Martin 䨥 Crow ๼/b>


Voices #2                    LEAF House        


4:29      7          Son of the Sun 롳htin 鮮u 鱼/b>

3:29      1          Better Than ꯨn Butler Trio 粡nd National ෼/b>

6:02      11        Keep On Smilin栔errance Simien ௳itively Beadhead 鲼/b>

2:39      20        Poor Mr. Chisholm 沥d Astaire 㯮g and Dance Man 

4:39      4          Sweet Inspiration 䨥 Derek Trucks Band ᬲeady Free ๼/b>




Artist Interview:         Paul McCartney Band On the Run Mix

Voices #3                   LEAF House


0:00     0          I Can See Clearly ꯨnny Nash

4:58     4          Get Down (War) 굮ior Wells w C Santana 嶥rybodyǥttingꓯme - 95

5:00     12        When Iհ - GreatBigSea 㯵rage & Patience & Grit - 06

3:53     3          Hey Ya ⯯ker T ௴ato Hole ๼/b>

Voices of the Chesapeake Bay
The book

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Fifty-three life stories.  Amazing people from all walks of Chesapeake Bay life.

Includes: former Maryland Governor Harry R. Hughes, "Presidential Medal of Honor" recipient Russell Train, Univ. of Maryland Center for Environmental Science president Donald Boesch, ESPN Chief Sailing Commentator Gary Jobson, farmer & mayor Russell Brinsfield of Vienna, MD, Queenstown historian Harry Rhodes, author/ fisherman Bill Burton, author Tom Horton, Chesapeake Bay Foundation V.P. of Education Don Baugh, Maryland Watermen's Association president Larry Simns, and many more. (464p).  

Voices Radio Project 

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The Sunday Brunch 
on 103 WRNR-FM
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16 Songs - 16 Artists
3 Grammy Winners!

The only CD of its kind,
bringing together a range of
Chesapeake Bay artists and songs in a variety of styles.

Featuring Bruce Hornsby (Williamsburg, VA), Tom Chapin (Upstate NY),  Al Petteway (NC), Deanna Dove (North Beach, MD), Tom Wisner (Lusby, MD), Earl White (Dames Quarter, MD), Magpie (Takoma Park, MD), Them Eastport Oysterboys (Eastport, MD), Bruce Myers & Crew (Baltimore, MD), Dan Haas & Robin Jung (Annapolis, MD), Mike Garfinkel (Edgewater, MD), Robbin Thompson (Richmond, VA), Mike Aiken (Norfolk, VA), Dominick Murray (Baltimore, MD), The Geckos (Annapolis, MD), and The Millers (Tilghman Island, MD)

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Songs of the Chesapeake Bay
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