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"The Voices of the Chesapeake Bay Interview Project is created to help  us further develop our 'sense of place.'  The Voices Project is ongoing, inherently 'inclusive' and well-rounded, giving us the ability to see our bio-region, the Chesapeake Bay watershed, from a variety of perspectives 
and points of view. With this ability we can fully and truly appreciate this incredible place called the Chesapeake Bay." 

Michael Buckley, Project Director

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The Sunday Brunch on 103.1 WRNR

Sunday Brunch Artist Interview Series:
(Sundays at 9am)

The Sunday Brunch on 103.1 WRNR-FM Annapolis Celebrates Tenth Year Of Presenting Truly Eclectic, Warm and Wacky Sunday Morning Music mix

If you want to be soothed with beautiful music the Sunday morning airwaves are a good place to start. Across the dial there are a plethora of shows available which feature easy listening music mixes designed to encourage rest and relaxation. If its talk and information you堡fter there are a few really great nationally syndicated shows that appear all week long on NPR radio stations across the country. The names have been etched into our minds: Car Talk, Prairie Home Companion, Fresh Air, All Things Considered... Thereࡠsleeper thatࢥen percolating on Sunday radios throughout the Annapolis-Baltimore area for the past nine years, a maverick 3-hour radio program which combines the best music, information and talk into an edifying and entertaining mix known as 襠Sunday Brunch.䨥 Sunday Brunch is broadcast from 7am-10am each week on 103.1 WRNR-FM Annapolis, MD. www.wrnr.com

The Sunday Brunch is refreshingly different, musically sumptuous, and chock full of information and commentary. The Sunday Brunch incorporates the politics, issues and events of our times, related through a broad pallet of musical styles and textures. Each week the program encompasses a worldly and spiritual musical approach. Sets of songs include world, folk, blues, rock, classical, jazz and even a bit of spoken word or poetry. The tunes are presented together in a consistently intimate tapestry of sound and thought. What better way to wake up on Sunday morning? If you have an open mind to hearing music in a variety of styles, you have got to listen to this show! There is none other like it.

A special feature of the Sunday Brunch is the ongoing interview series with guests such as Rock & Roll Hall of Fame member Graham Nash, multi-Grammy Award winners like Emmy Lou Harris, Keb Mo, Bela Fleck and Los Lobos, and crossover musical greats such as sax man Charles Lloyd and pianist Danilo Perez. Check out multi-segment features on concert impresario Bill Graham and reggae great Bob Marley. An annual ten-week Sunday Brunch feature called 謹es of the Chesapeake Bay㯭bines Bay-related music and interviews with people who make their lives in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. The Voices of the Chesapeake Bay series was launched last year with a trio of interviewers recording over 40 hours of commentary about the Bay. The series also offers listeners a weekly ⥡ture Feature,괨e opportunity to become familiar with the plants and animals of the Chesapeake Bay region. The Voices of the Chesapeake Bay series also includes an in-depth exploration of Chesapeake Bay related music performed by artists such as Them Eastport Oyster Boys, Chesapeake Scenes From Rock Hall, and the legendary Ფ of the Chesapeake䯭 Wisner.

The Sunday Brunch could be Annapolis-Baltimoreࢥst kept secret even though it has garnered a number of accolades and awards over the first seven years on the air. In 1997 the Baltimore City Paper recognized the program as the 峴 Sunday Morning Musicꩮ their annual Best of Baltimore issue. Two years later the same weekly publication picked Sunday Brunch host Michael Buckley as the 峴 Radio DJꨯut of the whole range of full-time city jocks). In 2000, Baltimore Magazine chose Michael୵sic mix for a similar honor in their 峴 of Baltimoreꩳsue. Reflecting on the critical acclaim from these publications Michael says 襠Sunday Brunch is different. The radio profession now believes that spoon-feeding audiences is the best recipe for success, and they are right. But there is also a good size audience out there that wants to learn more about what is available in music beyond the "hits.". This same audience likes to be entertained with a variety of styles of music and understands that they are going to hear stuff they like in this sort of mix, stuff they are going to go directly out and add to their collections. This arrangement is great for music lovers, and it৲eat for the numerous independent record labels that are healthy businesses contributing to our national economy without necessarily being members of the big five (record distributors) or the Fortune 500. There has got to be room on our airwaves for culture and entertainment to co-exist at a variety of levels. There is no point in not providing opportunities for these artists to be exposed to audiences who want to hear them merely because they aren୥ga-million record selling artists.ᮤ from a purely musical standpoint Michael points out that radio has the opportunity to provide a style of communication that is truly one-on-one with listeners. During the drive home radio listeners love to hear their favorite songs. Sunday mornings present a time when listeners are more settled in, from the time of waking up to reading the paper and doing a few household chores or home projects. Sunday morning is a good time for the broader musical adventure we call The Sunday Brunch.

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Voices of the Chesapeake Bay
The book

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Fifty-three life stories.  Amazing people from all walks of Chesapeake Bay life.

Includes: former Maryland Governor Harry R. Hughes, "Presidential Medal of Honor" recipient Russell Train, Univ. of Maryland Center for Environmental Science president Donald Boesch, ESPN Chief Sailing Commentator Gary Jobson, farmer & mayor Russell Brinsfield of Vienna, MD, Queenstown historian Harry Rhodes, author/ fisherman Bill Burton, author Tom Horton, Chesapeake Bay Foundation V.P. of Education Don Baugh, Maryland Watermen's Association president Larry Simns, and many more. (464p).  

Voices Radio Project 

Broadcast as part of 
The Sunday Brunch 
on 103 WRNR-FM
Each week

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Sponsored by

The Boatyard Bar & Grill

The Keith Campbell Foundation 
for the Environment

C.V. Starr Center for the Study of the American Experience at 
Washington College

16 Songs - 16 Artists
3 Grammy Winners!

The only CD of its kind,
bringing together a range of
Chesapeake Bay artists and songs in a variety of styles.

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Featuring Bruce Hornsby (Williamsburg, VA), Tom Chapin (Upstate NY),  Al Petteway (NC), Deanna Dove (North Beach, MD), Tom Wisner (Lusby, MD), Earl White (Dames Quarter, MD), Magpie (Takoma Park, MD), Them Eastport Oysterboys (Eastport, MD), Bruce Myers & Crew (Baltimore, MD), Dan Haas & Robin Jung (Annapolis, MD), Mike Garfinkel (Edgewater, MD), Robbin Thompson (Richmond, VA), Mike Aiken (Norfolk, VA), Dominick Murray (Baltimore, MD), The Geckos (Annapolis, MD), and The Millers (Tilghman Island, MD)

$10 plus $2 shipping 
Purchase by check made 
out to:

Songs of the Chesapeake Bay
1131 Bay Ridge Road
Annapolis, MD 21403

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