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"The Voices of the Chesapeake Bay Interview Project is created to help  us further develop our 'sense of place.'  The Voices Project is ongoing, inherently 'inclusive' and well-rounded, giving us the ability to see our bio-region, the Chesapeake Bay watershed, from a variety of perspectives 
and points of view. With this ability we can fully and truly appreciate this incredible place called the Chesapeake Bay." 

Michael Buckley, Project Director

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Feedback - Guestlog 

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December 28, 2008


A few weeks back you had Ken Kolodner on your Sunday morning show and I called to ask you about Tom Wisner. That morning, I was on my way to Patuxtent Friends (Quaker) Meeting and spoke after about Tom being sick. He has attended our meeting a number of times and is good friends with many in the meeting. Some of them were aware that he was sick but did not realize how ill he was until I spoke about it.  My good friend Vicki Rhoades suggested that we put together a basket and that she would go and see him. I had a small Tibetan Prayer Flag called Lung-Tha, or Windhorse, that I asked her to give to him.
The next Sunday or First day as it is called by Friends, Vicki told us a delightful story. She had gone to see Tom with 2 other Friends, one who brought her  little boy, the other her dog. She told us that Tom was very weak but seemed to be energized by the boy and the dig and the next thing you Know, was playing music, singing and telling stories entertaining them all with great enthusiasm. She told me that he was delighted with the prayer flag, telling her that he had been making them himself for years and had talked many friends of his into making them, but he had never seen one from Tibet. She said that  really made him happy and that they were asked to stay for lunch with him and had a wonderful afternoon, she said it was one of the most best times she had in a long time.
This is not the first time that listening to you I ended up with a great experience. Michael, you have quite a gift for sharing and giving others the chance to live and love their life, to try something new or meet an extraordinary person. I want to thank you for your fine work. If it wasn't for listening to your show one First Day long ago, I might not have felt compelled to go to Severn Maryland after meeting, to meet and eventually take lessons from a Great Master Drummer you had on your show, Baba Carlos Moore, who passed away February 6, 2006. 

He was an incredible man
who I probably would never have heard or known if I had not been listening to your show that morning. I ended up buying a huge Djembe that he put together for me and I play it often, hopefully loud enough for him to hear that he is not forgotten and lives on very time one of his many students bang their own drums.He was full of love and laughter and I feel blessed to have known him.
I wrote this down for you this morning:
The words we speak,
The lines we write,
the songs we sing,
are like so many flat stones,
thrown and skipping across,
the ponds of our minds,
The ripples,
bouncing off of each other until,
they touch some far away shore.
Who knows the power they have?
It is a gift,
an honor to receive  them.
When they reach the ears,
when they are seen,
when they are sung again
and again...
Peace and Holding You In The Light,

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Voices of the Chesapeake Bay
The book

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Fifty-three life stories.  Amazing people from all walks of Chesapeake Bay life.

Includes: former Maryland Governor Harry R. Hughes, "Presidential Medal of Honor" recipient Russell Train, Univ. of Maryland Center for Environmental Science president Donald Boesch, ESPN Chief Sailing Commentator Gary Jobson, farmer & mayor Russell Brinsfield of Vienna, MD, Queenstown historian Harry Rhodes, author/ fisherman Bill Burton, author Tom Horton, Chesapeake Bay Foundation V.P. of Education Don Baugh, Maryland Watermen's Association president Larry Simns, and many more. (464p).  

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Featuring Bruce Hornsby (Williamsburg, VA), Tom Chapin (Upstate NY),  Al Petteway (NC), Deanna Dove (North Beach, MD), Tom Wisner (Lusby, MD), Earl White (Dames Quarter, MD), Magpie (Takoma Park, MD), Them Eastport Oysterboys (Eastport, MD), Bruce Myers & Crew (Baltimore, MD), Dan Haas & Robin Jung (Annapolis, MD), Mike Garfinkel (Edgewater, MD), Robbin Thompson (Richmond, VA), Mike Aiken (Norfolk, VA), Dominick Murray (Baltimore, MD), The Geckos (Annapolis, MD), and The Millers (Tilghman Island, MD)

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