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"The Voices of the Chesapeake Bay Interview Project is created to help  us further develop our 'sense of place.'  The Voices Project is ongoing, inherently 'inclusive' and well-rounded, giving us the ability to see our bio-region, the Chesapeake Bay watershed, from a variety of perspectives 
and points of view. With this ability we can fully and truly appreciate this incredible place called the Chesapeake Bay." 

Michael Buckley, Project Director

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Voices of the Chesapeake Bay
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Sunday, April 25 
Skipjack: America's Last Sailing Oystermen
Christopher White and the Watermen of Tilghman Island
Decker Theatre, Daniel Z. Gibson Center for the Arts, 5:00 p.m. Washington College, Chestertown, MD
Book signing to follow

Author Christopher White spent two years living on Tilghman Island and working with three legendary captains of the traditional wooden Chesapeake Bay oyster boats known as skipjacks. Through a discussion with a group of these lively characters, we will begin to understand the challenges of living on the Bay and sailing a traditional skipjack. The event will bring the audience face-to-face with a critically endangered tradition that reaches back over 100 years. Produced by Michael Buckley

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Collins, George J. and Alexander, Kathy. 2001. Chessie Racing. Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press.  
The story of Maryland's entry into the 1997-1998 Whitbread Round the World Race. Watch for the George Collins interview on the Voices Radio Series, December 9th!

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"This is not merely a book for those who already know the Chesapeake, although they will be enchanted by Tom Horton's vast knowledge, narrative skills and eye for detail. Like the true bay native he is, Mr. Horton uses the Chesapeake as a limitless resource from which to harvest a great bounty of observations about politics, nature, and human beings." -- New York Times on Bay Country. Winner of the John Burroughs Medal for the Outstanding Book of Nature Writing

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"Covers more than 400 species found both in and around the bay, from seaweed to sharks and geese. Life in the Chesapeake Bay's utility extends beyond the Bay itself, as many of the plants and animals discussed range up and down the Atlantic coast from Cape Hatteras to Cape Cod... Identification is a simple task with Alice Jane Lippson's 285 attractive drawings of the creatures described in the book." -- Waterman's Gazette

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Voices of the Chesapeake Bay
The book

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Fifty-three life stories.  Amazing people from all walks of Chesapeake Bay life.

Includes: former Maryland Governor Harry R. Hughes, "Presidential Medal of Honor" recipient Russell Train, Univ. of Maryland Center for Environmental Science president Donald Boesch, ESPN Chief Sailing Commentator Gary Jobson, farmer & mayor Russell Brinsfield of Vienna, MD, Queenstown historian Harry Rhodes, author/ fisherman Bill Burton, author Tom Horton, Chesapeake Bay Foundation V.P. of Education Don Baugh, Maryland Watermen's Association president Larry Simns, and many more. (464p).  

Voices Radio Project 

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The Sunday Brunch 
on 103 WRNR-FM
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16 Songs - 16 Artists
3 Grammy Winners!

The only CD of its kind,
bringing together a range of
Chesapeake Bay artists and songs in a variety of styles.

Featuring Bruce Hornsby (Williamsburg, VA), Tom Chapin (Upstate NY),  Al Petteway (NC), Deanna Dove (North Beach, MD), Tom Wisner (Lusby, MD), Earl White (Dames Quarter, MD), Magpie (Takoma Park, MD), Them Eastport Oysterboys (Eastport, MD), Bruce Myers & Crew (Baltimore, MD), Dan Haas & Robin Jung (Annapolis, MD), Mike Garfinkel (Edgewater, MD), Robbin Thompson (Richmond, VA), Mike Aiken (Norfolk, VA), Dominick Murray (Baltimore, MD), The Geckos (Annapolis, MD), and The Millers (Tilghman Island, MD)

$10 plus $2 shipping 
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Songs of the Chesapeake Bay
1131 Bay Ridge Road
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